*stands in the way* Sorry Lano... I can't let you do this.

You're so lucky you're not within the order of the Orakians.

*takes out his black-bladed sword* So what if I'm not?

*looks at the sword* Master Lano?

*looks at the sword* You have it? You have the same sword that Rulakir's brother had?

What about it? I have the memory of the original Orakio. I'm bound to have his sword.

So you have one of the Four Swords. Very interesting indeed. But it won't save you.

Shall I take him on master?

Save your energy Sari. This Orakian isn't worth your time.

Say what?

Hand over the traitor or we will be forced to destroy you.


You aren't going anywhere Leene. You're right to have a mind of your own.

Orakio. Just let her go. You definately have not been a good protector of women. It's not worth your life.

*blinks* *thinks, then lowers his sword* ... You're right.

You know Rulakir, you're just like the master. You know how to bring people down.


I'm nothing compared to what I used to be.

Orakio... please... don't let them take me there again.

*gets closer to Leene* Come with me.

*closes eyes* *brings sword up to Lano's neck* No...

Dare defy me?

*holds sword there* I don't care if you're an Orakian or not. This is not the way to treat a living person. We were given the right to choose our paths. Leene has chosen her's.

... Wise words, Orakio. Fine. Leene is in your hands now. Rulakir, Sari. Come with me.

*gets close to Lano* Sorry brother. I'm going.

*gets close to Lano* Leene... be careful.

*disappear together*

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(Megaman X2 - Flame Stag's Stage)