... am I safe?

For now.

... why did you stand in front of me?

No reason.

So you do defend the innocent.

I guess you could say that.

Are you indeed the chosen one of the humans?

... *hangs head* I don't deserve to be.

Why's that?

*sits on a rock* Listen Leene. I've had to make a lot of sacrifices in my life. My heart has died long ago. All I can do now is do this one last thing.

Heh. You really think your heart is dead? If it was dead, why did you protect me against Lano? You knew he was stronger than you.

Because... you remind me of somebody.

Ha! I knew it! I have seen one somewhere before!

Where though? I don't remember.

*laughs* I don't either. It was like when we were kids or something. I don't know.

My... childhood?

Something wrong?

Mom died at birth. Rulakir and I were separated shortly after. My sisters were off on their own, and god only knows where Dad was. I vaguely remember anything in my childhood.

How were you raised? Somebody had to have raised you.

I... was an orphan. I was found by the King of Lorath and taken into an orphanage. A lot of people believe that Kennebec was my hometown... I was just born there, I never spent much of my life there.


King Sandor and I grew close. He actually taught me my fighting style. He was like a father to me. One I never had.

Why does that name sound familiar?

... After I turned 15 I left Lorath and joined Control. That is where I was given my first assignment.

And what was that?

Along with a couple other agents, we went to Paseo and infiltrated the SYCO headquarters. To my surprise, the leader of the group was my brother. I had no choice but to kill him that day. *chuckles* Those were the days when Erim lived.

Erim? The Sorceress Erim?

I suppose you could call her that. Why?

You mean to tell me Erim lived here? *laughs* My word, Master Rulakir is gonna be so dumbfounded if he hears this.


Orakio... Erim was Master Rulakir's wife.

Say what?

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(Final Fantasy IX - Dissipating Sorrow)