*Get Wise 33 & 34... the first Back-to-back episodes of Get Wise... ever!*

*at the Air Castle, late the same night*

Meow meow. Orak, what's been bothering you?

*strumming on his guitar, not paying attention.*


*plays his guitar and sings* There´s a lady who´s sure all that glitter is gold. And she´s buying a stairway to heaven.

... what the hell are you doing?

*knocks on the door* Hey Orak, turn down your Led Zeppelin!

*stops playing the guitar*

*enters* Thank you.

*sits silent for a second* You know, nights are the hardest time for me. It's the time when there is nobody to talk to. When there is too much time to think.

Really now? You don't sleep at night?

Sleep? I hardly do that anymore.

Yeah. He won't pet me anymore. He just kicks me off the bed.

You know... you never did tell me why you lost your will to fight.

Long story. Let's just say I lost my love.

I'm sorry to hear that. I know the feeling.


You know Lano, right?

How could I not? He just stole my brother.

Well... Lano and I were engaged to be married. Then one day, he went on a mad crusade for power. Eventually he became Captain of the Blue Coat Squad.


After Master Rulakir made him the captain, Lano became heartless. Only talking about battle. It was as if my voice didn't matter.

Why were you still with him then?

Master Rulakir ordered Lano, myself, and his new lover Sari to come here to find you. I didn't care for Sari too much. She stole my man... but, I never felt angry.


Lano is happy now. I guess I gotta live with that.

*sighs* Heartbreak sucks doesn't it?

Yeah... but I'm sure I'll find something again. Besides... Lano wasn't that great of a lover if you know what I mean *nudges Orakio*

??? !!! Yeah, I know.

But listen to me Orakio. There is possibility that you might need more training from Master Rulakir. Draco is a tough cookie to defeat.

I've stopped believing in strength to win battles. All it's done is cause me pain. Trying to become stronger than the next person. It's not worth it.

I admire that in you Orakio... you don't believe in strength. At least not anymore.

My strength has failed. I defeated many enemies, but when I really needed my power, it wasn't there.

But... won't we need it against Draco? Your untapped power is amazing.

That is why I'm hoping King Ali will help us out.

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(Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven)