*walks in* Orakio. Where is your brother?



*looks at Leene* Who is this? How did she get by Zak's security?

Jema. This is Leene. She's an Orakian.

So this is Rulakir's wife?

Yes. But where is my jerk of a husband?

Um... he's gone.

He went to train for the battle with the Death Dragons.

WHAT?! Did he ever think I would approve of this? He told me he'd stop this silly "training" for the sake of our daughter.

He'll be back.

*sighs* He doesn't care about me. *sits down in between Orakio and Leene* *starts to cry*

*hugs Jema* Jema... he does love you. But... you know the darkness in Rulakir's heart prevents him from expressing emotions.

Why did I have to get the dark one? I need emotional support.

Jema... you know any of us in the Air Castle will be more than happy to talk to you. Control isn't just a tightly run organization of the most talented fighters on this planet.

*triest to hold back laughter*

*cries* I've recently been wishing that I was never created. I should have died with Anja.

Jema... you remember the darkness your sister held in her heart? Her rage to gain power by any means?

Yeah... I know. Rulakir is doing the same thing.

Rulakir has redeemed himself though. But he is only getting this power so that he can protect you from the Death Dragons should we be attacked.

He... is?

Trust me. He loves both you and your daughter. Angela will grow with a strong father-figure. Trust me.

*sniffles* Thank you Orakio. *hugs Orakio then leaves*

Oh my.

What is it?

The heart you just showed there. You know she's your brother's wife, yet you try to comfort her without going too far. Why? Nobody would ever do that. Especially an Orakian. Orakian men are known for two-timing their wives.

I don't know why I'm so different.

I swear you remind me of somebody. Somebody who treated me well when I was younger.

... it's getting late. Take Chrissy's old room across the hall. Tomorrow we'll go to Oasis.

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(Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Alone)