*the next day, en route to Oasis... on foot*

Explain to me again Leene why we are on foot?

Well, I figured this would be more fun.

How is walking fun?

C'mon Orak. We aren't that far from Oasis.

Why do you say that? We've only been walking for like... a minute?

Because there was a sign back there that said "Oasis: 1/4 mile"

Aw man... More walking...

*points ahead* Hey! Is that Oasis?

*a large castle is seen on the horizon*

Yeah... but... *sits down* Can we rest our feet?

... are your feet that tired?

Well, actually, the terrain around Oasis is very hard on my feet.

It's mostly sand, Orakio.

Exactly. Sand is hot on the feet.

It might help if you had boots on.

Huh? *looks down and sees that is feet are bare* D'oh!

*sighs* You aren't too bright are you?

This has been a hard few months lately. Gimme a break. How would you feel if you think you're the last Orakian only to find out there's thousands more?

Um... millions actually.

See what I mean?

*to self* Not exactly bright. He has the IQ of a baby Hildebear.

Did you say something?

Um... nope. Not a word! Why don't get go?

*gets up* Ok, but I really need to buy some boots.

Right. I'm sure the thrift store inside will have it.

Nah. But I think the Walmart will.

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(Final Fantasy VI - Terra)