*at the gates to Castle Oasis*

*guarding the entrance gate* Halt! Who goes there? Have thou come to visit the Wal-mart in our fair city?

They have a Wal-mart here?

Told you so.

What business do you bring?

I need to see King Ali. Is he in?

What do you want with our king?

I'm an old friend of Ali.

I don't believe you. How do I know you're not a Death Dragon after our Gold Armlet?

We're fighting against the Death Dragons. We're Orakians.

No. You aren't going in. As long as I, Capt. Arik von Stillande of the Oasis Royal Guard, stands on duty.

*steps behind Arik* Let him by!

*turns around* King Ali! *bows*

You'll have to excuse him Orakio. Your Wren android sent me a message to heighten security here for an invasion of the Death Dragons. It seems they want my Gold Armlet.

Yes. That is why we are here.

We can't let Lord Draco get his hands on it.

Come on inside. *to Arik* Arik, come with us. I think you may be some help to us.

M... m... me sire?

*to Orakio* Arik always underestimates his abilities, but I assure you there is no better Dragoon in this side of the world.

Dragoons? I thought they were just a myth.

More like a legend. But I'll explain more about it. Let us go to the Royal Dining Room. We shall feast our upcoming battle with the Death Dragons.

Um... I think the Orakians already have that covered.

*raises an eyebrow* Do they now? Regardless, let's go inside.

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(Final Fantasy V - Worus Castle)