*inside the Royal Dining Room*

Orakio, Arik, and the hot babe beside Orakio, please be seated. *sits down*

*sits down* My name is Leene. You had better remember that.

*sits down beside Leene*

*sits down*

The meal is being prepared for us. I've sent out an invitation to the rest of Control to join us. This could be the battle to end all battles.

*enters* It had better be! *sits down at the far end of the table, directly across from King Ali*

*walks in* A final battle? Count me in.

*walks in* And where one twin is, the other is sure to follow.

*looks at Crystal, standing up* My my, I didn't know Control had such beauty. *bows to Crystal*

Well, I didn't think I looked that good but thanks anyway. *sits down at a chair*

*elbows Crys* He was talking about me stupid!

If I may request my lady that you have a seat beside me.

Well now, I guess there are some decent men left in this world. I'd love to sit beside you... um...

Call me Arik.

*sits beside Arik* Yes, Arik. What a nice name.

*walks in* Hmph. Men. *sits beside Crys* You'd think men would go after their own tribe.

*looks at Jaymi, dumbfounded* Um... uh... yesah.

*walks in* This had better be quick. I need to find my husband. *sits on the other side of Orakio*

*walks in* Don't worry Jema, Jessica has both Stare and Angela safe, and Wren stayed behind to guard them, as is Sparkster.

If anything happens to my baby Zak, you are so gonna die!

So this is what is left of Control?

I'm afraid so. So, what do we have to talk about?

We'll talk later. First off. FEAST!

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(Final Fantasy IV - Kingdom Baron)