*after the feast*

You know, I may not eat much, but boy that was good shoe leather. That's good eatin'

... that was Steak and remind me to fire the chef.

Can we get down to business now?

Since when do you ever want to get down to business?

We all know nobody beats around the bush like you do.

Alright. We'll get started with the meeting. Listen everybody, right now we have to protect my Gold Armlet from King Draco.

King Draco is nearly immortal. He may be patient enough to wait until you're dead King Ali.

Yeah, but lately Lord Draco has been anything but patient.

He has what he wants, why does he want the Gold Armlet again?

The Gold Armlet amplifies power by like 1000% or so. How do you think we used the Orakian Lights to defeat the Non-Entity?

Oh, that reminds me Orakio. The Lights wouldn't leave my Armlet for good. It's as though they are stuck here.

I thought they left already?

Well, if they did they came back.

You mean the Orakian Lights were here the entire time? Man, is Master Rulakir going to be upset when he hears that he wasted nearly 200 years searching for them.

Rulakir? Not your brother, right Orakio?

No... the old one.

Oh my... this is worse than I thought.

What is it?

Well, first lemme tell you about the scrolls of Oasis. Oasis was a town settled by an advanced race of humans about 1500 years ago.

No wonder the architecture is so old.

Ahem. Anyways, back then, the king of Oasis, my ancestor, entered the Western Pyramid and found two ancient pieces of armor.

The Gold Armlet?

And the Silver Armlet.

Of course... the twin armlets. But, Master Rulakir said that only the Gold Armlet exsisted.

Not according to the scrolls. Both Gold and Silver Armlets enhanced power, but the Silver Armlet was much more powerful as it favored dark hearts.

So where is this Silver Armlet now?

Will you let me get to it? Anyways, for about 600 years the Gold and Silver Armlets were worn on both arms of the King, to create neutrality so that Oasis would not side towards the Light or the Dark, and to ensure that he had absolute power.

Something that powerful shouldn't have exsisted though.

Well, there was a catch. The King always knew he had power within him, but never used it. For many generations each King passed the rules down to his own son, saying that if the powers were to be abused, then a dark plague would take Oasis. Lucky for us, all the kings for 1500 years have been good hearted.

So what happened to the Silver Armlet?

Well, about 900 years ago, somebody came to Oasis and challenged the King to a fight. The King naturally accepted thinking it would be an easy fight. When the man pulled out a sword with a strange blue aura, within an instant he proceded to slice off the right arm of the King. That right arm was what held the Silver Armlet.

Just like that the King went down?

Yes. The man took the Silver Armlet and left, and has since never been heard from again. At least... not until now maybe.

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(Lufia 2 - Castle)