What do you mean until now?

I'm not sure. I think I know who has the Silver Armlet... why they have lived for this long without dying. Silver Armlet gives near-immortality.

Lord Draco must have it. Right?

I'm not ruling it out.

So if he has the Silver Armlet, we'll need the Gold Armlet for our battle, right?

*shakes head* I doubt you'll even be able to kill him.

Lord Rulakir could kill him.

Why would he want that?

What do you mean?

Listen, the scrolls say a lot more than what I am letting you two know. I wasn't exactly a straight A student in school you know. Hell even my Ancient Oasis language is failing me.

Ancient Oasis? I remember taking that class.

You? I'm surprised it is still being taught.

Point me to the scrolls and I'll decipher them.

The scrolls are heavily guarded in the castle dungeon.

Why not let me through then?

Because even I can't control monsters like that.

Damn. We need to see what those scrolls say. It could be important.

Jaymi, I'll go with you. We can fight the monsters and read the scrolls.

You ain't gonna have fun without me bro, are you?

Under the circumstances, I don't believe it is safe for you three to go un-escorted. I shall go with you.

It's decided then. Arik, I trust you can take care of these three in retrieving the scrolls?

Of course your majesty.

Let me make this perfectly clear. You grab the scrolls and come back up here. Reading them down there might be hazardous.

Why is that?

Eye strain from bad light... well, that and the monsters there tend to revive every few minutes.

That could make it bad then.

So we can't come up with a plan until they get the scrolls?

We could but it would be stupid. Let us wait.

Fine. We'll wait.

Orak. Could I ask you to run to Lorath and tell King Sandor of our crusade? He might be able to help us.

Yeah, I can go, but I need boots first.

Tell the clerk at the Wal-mart that the King says you can get them for 75% off... I mean 50% off!

Always were cheap, eh Ali?

I'll go with you Orak.


... I wanna see where you grew up.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Decision Bell)