*elsewhere in the universe*

Lord Rulakir. I have brought him.

*in the shadows* Excellent. I knew I could trust you Lano.

What shall I do?

Bring him in here. I have a special assignment for him.

Yes your majesty. *leaves the room*

*to self* So this is the one who shares my name. The brother of the heir to Orakio. This will be interesting indeed.

*enters with Rulakir* Here he is sire.

*enters* *looks at Lord Rulakir in the shadows, somewhat in fear* Lord Rulakir?

Lano, you may leave us. Keep an eye open for any move by Draco.

Yes sir! *leaves*

Ah, Rulakir. You don't know how long I've searched this universe for you. The one who is to be my heir.

Heir? What?

*steps from the shadows* Don't act as though you don't know. Your brother Orakio is my brother Orakio's heir. It is not coincidence that we share the same name.

... what do you want from me?

You desire power do you not? Power to protect the ones you love?

Jema... *nods* Yes, I do.

Then I will teach you... I will teach you and you will learn from the mistakes I made when I could not protect my dear Erim.


Ah, sweet Erim. Had the power to stop death. A fine woman she was.

*thinks* Oh my.

I know you won't let that happen to Jema... or your precious Angela.

No, I won't.

But you're weak. How will you protect them from the Death Dragons?

*hangs head* I don't know.

*laughs a bit* You know, about 1000 years ago I would have said the same thing. It is my hatred for the Death Dragons that keeps me alive. *grins* But my hatred isn't a bad thing. Draco and I go back a long time. We've had our share of fights, but just as my hatred for him keeps me alive, his hatred for me keeps him alive.

How will we destroy King Draco?

We must first attack his heart. That is always the weakness. You see, my heart was destroyed when I lost Erim... he still has his precious daughter. The daughter is his heart. Kill it, we can crush his heart and spirit, leaving him dead.

*thinks* Chrissy... I had better do it, Orakio wouldn't have that heart to do so.

As you are now Rulakir, Lord Draco would crush you. But with my help and training, you can become one of the strongest Orakians ever to live.

Yes, lord Rulakir.

Lano... come back in here.

*enters* Yes Lord Rulakir?

Get my armor out. I think it is time to truely hand it down to somebody.

You don't mean this boy, do you?

I certainly do. You do remember which one is mine, right?

Behind the chamber door, black armor, on the right.

Good boy. Fetch it for me.

*nods and leaves*

This is quite a place you have.

Ah, you like? I call this place Lashute. The floating space castle. My brother built another just like it, but the hyper space drive broke on it, so he just left Skyhaven in charge of a bunch of wizards who hold the Shining equipment.

This all looks like the Aircastle though.

Ah yes. That is where I got the blueprints from. You see, my brother and I were master engineers. He had Skyhaven and I had Lashute, only mine was much bigger. He never did like size.

Little did he know that size does matter.

*grins* My thoughts exactly kid.

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(Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - Pazuzu's Tower)