*in front of Lorath*

So this is Lorath?

*looks at it* Yes... advanced for it's time.

Much like Oasis.

Yeah... and... Shawshank at one point.

I guess humans weren't so stupid at all. They...

*from behind* Nah, we weren't too bad.

*turns around* Sandor? What are you doing out here?

One of my usual camping trips. I think you passed my tent.


*looks at Leene* Oh my. *looks at Orakio* You two, come with me to my tent.

??? What is this about?

Just follow me Leene.

... how do you know her name?

*at the tent*

Make yourselves at home. Can I offer either of you a Moxie?


*gets out 3 moxies and hands on to Leene and Orakio*

Why are you inviting us in here?

Well, I never thought I'd get to see you again... or you either Leene.

Please... tell me how you know me.

You mean you don't remember? Orakio, do you remember?

... no.

*chuckles* Then I believe it is time to tell you. Leene and you Orakio were both orphans here.


I was about 18 then. Just became the King of Lorath. Orakio, your father left you in my care, and Leene...


Well, I suppose I should tell you. Somebody by the name of Onal left you in my care. He wore nothing but dark red and I remember his all white eyes.

My... father?

No. He said that he took you from your father, because your father had been corrupted by evil. He told me that he couldn't bare to see any child be corrupted, so there he was giving me to you.

... Did he say anything else?

He mentioned that he'd bring his son in a week. He never made it back. I assumed that he was killed.

... oh my.

I don't remember the name of the son, but I didn't worry. I had you two as my orphans.

But why did dad leave me with you?

He said he had to pray for his wife's departed soul... and to conjure up enough Light in his heart to be forgiven of his sins... whatever they were.

So, the orphanage raised us?

Yes... for a few years. When both of you turned 5, I learned that you two were Orakians. It was then that... *sighs*

That what?

That King Rulakir of the Orakians came here. He demanded that he take you back Leene. I don't know what the King of the Orakians wanted with you, but I had to give you up. He threatened to destroy Lorath if I didn't give you up.

... so you just let me go?

... I'm sorry to hear that Leene.

It's ok. No wonder I don't remember this. But it's all coming back to me.

After you were taken Leene, I took and trained Orakio to the best of my swordfighting ability for 10 years. It was then where I told him about Control. He said his goodbyes and left me and the orphanage.

Why train me though?

... I knew that Orakians were strong, so I figured that if Orakians became corrupt, that I could at least save one.

... *nods* I gotcha.

... *walks outside the tent*


Orakio, you and Leene are closer than you think. I can only tell you about events, but you have to search your heart and remember them.

*nods and walks outside*

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