*outside, the night sky is filled with stars*

Leene, are you ok?

*looks at the stars* It all hit me at once Orakio.

What did?

The memories. Do you remember the orphanage?

Vaguely. Before I left for control it was burnt to the ground.

I was 5 years old when I was taken from there, but I remember it. And I remember you, Orakio.


We shared the same bunk. I'd always fight you for the top, and you'd always let me win.

... ?

Whenever I did get the top bunk, you just smiled and wished me good night.

I did?

Don't you remember?

*thinks for a second* That was you?

*nods happily* Yes!

I thought her name was Nelle.

That is what you called me all the time because you couldn't read "Leene".

I still can't, what's the difference.

I also remember one night... the night before I was taken away. I was scared to death and shivering cold on the lower bunk. I knew what was happening, but I didn't want to go. I was hoping I'd hide away. I didn't want to lose you, my only friend.

... I remember. I came into the room and saw you crying. I asked if you were ok and you just held onto me. You... were so cold that night. That was the night I held you in my arms all night, trying to calm you down. When I woke up... you were gone. Madam Marcee said you cried forever, trying to stop the man from taking you away.

So you do remember. I'm so happy! *hugs Orakio* I found the person that was in my heart... that I couldn't find before.

*hugs back, thinking* Lost memories return... perhaps a sign of things to come.

Orakio... will you stay close to me?

*sighs* I can only try.

Why don't we rest here tonight?

I still have to talk to Sandor about the crusade against the Death Dragons.

Then we had better stay here.

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(Final Fantasy VII - On the Other Side of the Mountain)