*at the same time, in the Oasis dungeon*

Arik... you never said anything about huge boss-like monters here!

Exactly how many times do I come down here myself?

*stands before them* *roars loudly*

Really now. Is that all we're up against?

I suppose it could be worse. Trolls aren't exactly the brightest of monsters.

No but they are one of the stronger ones.

*swings fist at Arik*

*sways aside, jabs at its fist with his spear* Though they are slow as well.

*pulls fist away, yelling in pain*

*points hand at troll* NaFoi!

*gets engulfed in a huge pillar of fire* Graaaaaaaaaaaah!

Gee... has it been so long since we last fight? I don't even remember what you can do.

Less chat more splat! *charges Troll with sword in hand*

*burnt to a crisp now*

*leaps into the air, spins around, then slashes the troll across the face*

*cries in pain, falling to knees*

*lands on feet, back facing troll* Told you humans can take care of themselves.

*gets ready to punch Jaymi*

Jaymi, watch out! *runs towards Jaymi and pushes her aside*

*lands on butt* Ooof. What was that for?

*punches Crys in the face with his fist*

*gets hit in the face and falls to the ground about 20 feet away* *out cold*

Crys! *runs to him*

*leaps into the air and comes down on the troll's head, spear first*

*roars in extreme pain then collapses, eyes close*

*removes spear and jumps away*

Any more?

Damn. Crys! *holds him*

*out cold still*

We gotta get him some help.

But the scrolls are just ahead.

Grrrr... Crystal, you and Arik go get the scrolls and bring them back to me. I'm taking him to the clinic inside the castle. Crys is hurt bad.

*nods* Don't let my brother get hurt anymore, Jaymi.

Let's go before more come! *yanks on Crystal's arm and runs to the scroll room*

Good luck you two.

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(Tales of Symphonia - Fighting of the Spirit)