*an hour later, in the castle throne room*

*sits on his throne* It's been too long now. They should have gotten the scrolls by now.

Relax will ya? I'm sure they're fine.

*enters, dragging Crys behind her* Where is the clinic?

Oh my... somebody get some help for him!

*looks at Crys* Punch to the face?


Ouch. That had to hurt.

No kidding.

*gets out his deck of cards* You see, these come in handy for something.

Please not that card again.

Cards? Hell man this is no time for a game.

Come now. Watch closely. *takes out a card titled "Punch Out!!"*

*looks at the card* Oh brother. As though playing Tetris for these cards weren't bad enough.

Still experimental. But if it works, Crys will regain composure. *holds the card to Crys' forehead, which disappears into a light mist, penetrating Crys' skin*

*wakes up* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! *jumps up and starts running around, then runs to the nearby bathroom*

*a loud dunking sound is heard followed by many flushes*

... it's just like medicine... too many side effects.

Told you it was experimental.

*comes out of the bathroom, toilet paper on his foot* That stuff burns you moron!

It's either that or be in a coma for the rest of your life... Troll punches are hard.

When did I get punched by a troll?

You pushed me out of the way to stop the troll from hitting me. I owe you my life Crys.

*shrugs* You owe me nothing... because I don't remember a thing.

Another side effect of the card, Zak?

No, I believe that's the side effect of the punch. He probably won't remember why he was in the dungeon.

Speaking of why... where are the other two?


*enters with the scrolls* It wasn't easy but we got them!

We? If I remember correctly I held off the Sewer Rats while YOU grabbed the scrolls.

Hey, your magic can hold them off better than my spear, and I can jump long distances. It was quicker this way.

No matter. Jaymi, can you read them?

*takes the scrolls* I can try.

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(Kingdom Hearts - Hollow Bastion)