*opens the first scroll, a cloud of white smoke rises from it* Ok... now forgive me if my Ancient Oasis is rusty. *reads* The days of the Silver Armlet's true power have yet to be revealed, for today I lost my right arm to an unknown person. I can only pray that I don't live to see the day when the wielder of the Silver Armlet shows his true power.

Um... that is the King's personal scroll. Try the other one.

*opens the other one* *starts reading* Two evils now roam this world. Lucky for us humans though they are battling each other to find out who the greater evil is. King Draco of the Death Dragons, a man who shows no mercy in his killings and will use every available resource to kill. And then there is this mysterious new being known as Rulakir. It appears as though Rulakir fights alone, or is he secretly hiding what masses he has for his cause? *stops reading* This was dated about 900 years ago.


What about the next one?

*opens the 3rd one* *reads* It is now apparant that after watching these two battle for 50 years that neither one is going to kill each other. Both Draco and Rulakir have had a lot of chances to destroy each other, but... they never do. And one thing I have noticed in these 50 years is that neither Draco or Rulakir seem to grow old. It is as though their hatred for each other is what keeps them alive.

... it doesn't say nothing about who has the Silver Armlet?

There is only one more scroll to read. *opens it up*

All this effort and we won't even establish a clue.

*reads* Another 25 years have passed. Already I am close to 100 years old, and neither Draco or Rulakir look any older. And it was today that Draco revealed his secret weapon today.

That's it! The Silver Armlet!

Ahem... *continues* Draco has secretly been training his daughter to fight as a dragon. From what I have seen, Draco's daughter has power beyond what Rulakir could ever hope for. But in the battle between Rulakir and Draco's daughter, Rulakir easily won hands down. It was as though Rulakir possessed some sort of magic barrier to shield him from everything Draco and his daughter threw at him. And just when I thought I saw it all, Draco turned his attack towards Oasis. It was then that Rulakir showed his real power and used his power to shield us against the Death Dragon's assault. Giving his all, Draco turned and flew away with his daughter, ashamed of defeat. Rulakir was never heard from again, but both are believed to have gathered more forces for another battle.

Rulakir saved Oasis? But why? I thought the first scroll said that he was evil.

I guess his intentions were unclear at the time.

But... exactly what was this that Rulakir did? He had something... that couldn't be broken. He stopped an entire dragonic attack by the two strongest Death Dragons.

We'll have to think of it tomorrow when Orakio and Leene get back. Perhaps Lord Sandor can shed some light.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Quark Speaks)