*the next day*

*runs into the Throne Room* King Ali! We're under attack!

Damn. What is attacking us?

Death Dragons. Draco leads the charge.

Our forces aren't nearly large enough to go against them.

And I don't think the Orakians are gonna help us much.

*outside the castle*

*on the ground, followed by Death Dragon Foot Soldiers* King Ali! I know you're in there! Come out with the Gold Armlet before I decide to toast your fair kingdom.


What are we going to do?

Hmmmmm... Arik, assemble all trained Dragoon Fighters. We can take out his dragons that way.

Yes sir!


What is it m'lady?

Please be careful.

*nods* Not a problem. *runs out to the barracks*

You think there are enough dragoons to take out the dragons?

Draco isn't stupid enough to send all his dragons out to just get the Gold Armlet. Dragons don't stand a chance against a well trained dragoon. And if Arik has been doing his work, we should have quite a few.

*runs back in* I'm sorry your majesty. Looks like I'm your only Dragoon.

WHAT?! I thought you were training tons of them.

They suddenly became sick.

Frig! Alright then. Zak.


Got anything up your sleeve for this one?


I don't think so. My cards don't serve much purpose yet in actual battle.

Damn... *looks around* *removes the Gold Armlet* Guess I have no choice.

Wait a second!

What is it?

Shhhh... don't you hear it?

Hear what?


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(Sonic and Knuckles - Doomsday Zone)