*outside the castle*

Alright Ali! I'm coming in!

Lord Draco! From above!

*looks up* Oh crap!

*a fleet of airships are seen from above*

Ha! The Blue Eagles of Lorath cannot be taken by anybody!

You call this squad the Blue Eagles?

I think it's a great name.

Launch the Plasma Bomb!

Yes sir! *presses a button to drop a plasma bomb*

*looks up* You think plasma will stop me!

*the bomb hits and explodes, killing many of the foot soldiers, but not even phasing Draco*

Target hit sir. 50% of the Foot Soldiers destroyed by bomb.

And Lord Draco?

Alive and well.

*at the top of Oasis Castle*

I knew you wouldn't let me down Sandor!

*from the Airship* You owe me for this one buddy!

I need that Gold Armlet! 2nd division infantry! Dragon transformation ho!

You heard the lord. Go now!

Yes Lord! *the other 50% of the Death Dragons transform into dragons.*

Looks like we have some trouble Sandor.

*flies up to the airships, starting to tear the airships apart*

Hold it steady men! Ready the cannons!

Cannons ready.


*fires the cannons all at once, hitting about half of the current squad of dragons*

Reload now!

Yes sir!

*from below*

Tear them apart! Destroy the Blue Eag... ooooof! *is hit by something that jumpped from above*

*kicks Draco then jumps away* Lord Draco I presume.

Arik... I've heard so much about you.

Really now?

No, not really. Your poor attempts at being a dragoon though really gets me upset. I could have sworn I destroyed you all.

You can never destroy the heart of the dragoons! You dragons are no match for me.

*from above*

Fire two!!

Fire two! *shoots off the cannons again*

*the remaining dragons are shot by the cannons and killed*

Is everything alright?

Take the ships down for repair.

*looks down* Orakio! Look, it's Arik!

And Lord Draco. Set us down, we'll handle it from here.

Good luck with that.

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(Final Fantasy IV - Red Wings)