So you think my dragons are no match for you?

Not in the least!

Perhaps you'd like to meet someone close to me. Leon, call the weapon

You don't mean... her?

Yes... call for her!

Yes sir. *whistles loudly*

*looks behind Draco* *eyes open wide*


*looks* Oh no...

*looks* Damn... it's the daughter.

*flies in, lands behind Draco* *roars loudly*

*gazes up, fear in his eyes* The daughter!

Yes.. and soon she shall wear the Gold Armlet. Then nothing will stop me from conquering this world!

Orakio, you have to do something!

*starts stepping back* No... no... I can't. I let her down and now look at her!

Get ahold of yourself Orakio! You have to do something, else Arik is a sitting duck.

*looks from the castle* Damn... *yells down* Alright Draco, you win! *jumps down*

No! Don't! *runs over to where Ali and Arik are*

Leene, wait! *follows*

Well now... so my daughter's lover is here... or is it ex lover? You made a big mistake when you decided to interfere with my daughter's fate.

*draws sword* You know Draco, I don't care what has happened in the past, your future is 6 feet under the ground.

Orakio? Are you sure about this?

Yes. I have to do this.

You would hold a sword up against my daughter? I admire your hearlessness.


Not everybody could kill the one they love.


He's trapping you Orakio. Don't fall for it!


Go ahead... kill her.

*stares at Orakio, eyes cold as ice*

... *drops sword*

Orakio, no!

Hahahaha! I knew it. Now Ali, hand me the Gold Armlet before my girl here destroys your kingdom.

*slowly starts to take off the armlet again*

... that's it. Give it to me.

*slowly starts to hand it to Draco*


Yes, yes! Gimme now!

Nooooooooooo! *grabs the armlet and equip is on his left arm* *aims it at Draco*

What the hell? What are you doing? I demand you give that to me immediately!

*holds it towards Draco* Sorry... I have to do this.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Abyss)