*glares at Orakio*

You wouldn't dare use such power against me.

Yes Orakio! Use it!


I knew you would be heartless to use such power. Just like your ancestor, Rulakir. He could have killed me many times, but decided not to.

But you could have killed him.

Orakians age faster than Dragons... I wanted to make him suffer.

*holding arm still against Draco* Then you shall be the ones to suffer.

Do it! Please Orakio! Stop this madness and defeat them!

The Orakian Lights don't have enough power to destroy them.

Ha! I knew it! *holds out sword against Orakio's neck*

But... *steps back and points arm at Draco, Leon, and Chrissy* I do have enough power to do this.

And what is that?

*fires a beam of energy that surrounds the three of them*

What is this?

With the powers of the Orakian Lights installed into the Gold Armlet, I now seal away the Death Dragons into another dimension!


Lord Draco! I'm being pulled in! *slowly starts to be pulled into the seal hole*

No! This can't be! No mere Orakian can defeat me!

*roars loudly as she's being sucked into the seal*

I swear to you Orakian! My followers will find me! And when they do I will be back and I will come after you, your children, your children's children, and your children's children's children! *gets sucked into the seal*

*the Orakian Light above the seal breaks apart and is sent to different corners of the world*

... I won't let that happen.

Are they really gone?

*takes off the Gold Armlet and gives it back to Ali* Here, you'll need this more than I will.

*takes the Gold Armlet and equips it* Orakio... I don't know how I can thank you from stopping me from making this mistake.

*drops to his knees* Secure this area. Build a temple around it or something. As long as the Orakian Lights don't gather with the Gold Armlet, this seal shall remain safe.


*collapses to the ground*

Orakio! *runs to him and kneels beside him*

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(Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 & 2 - Origin of Revolusion Part 2)