*Get Wise 35... late as usual*

*somewhere close to the Fantasy World*

Excellent Rulakir! Excellent!

*stands up from a kneeling stance, breathing heavily* Thank you master.

Your dark powers are improving. Soon you will be ready to lead the Orakian Army.

The Orakian Army?

Yes, my near-deaf apprentice. Now, it is time I teach you something you will need. A spell, which I created to stop all of my enemies. Only I know it, but if you know it, you will be extremely powerful.

I am willing to learn, master.

*grins* Excellent. It's called the Dark Curse. Similar to the legendary Black Energy Wave, the Dark Curse is one of the Forbidden Spells. Forbidden because it kills quickly, with little to no effort at all.

Yes master.

*turns around and sighs* My dear Erim... she would hate to think that I'm teaching this dreadful skill.

Lady Erim... whatever happened to her?

Draco is what happened. Soon after he sent Dark Force to kill Orakio, he sent his own assassin to take out Erim, in attempts to destroy my heart.

Did... the assassin succeed?

... Why don't wet get back to the task at hand? The Dark Curse. To those who have been inflicted by it, it feels like a thousand red-hot daggers stabbing you everywhere in the body. Well, I don't know that for a fact, but that's what it looks like. I custom-made that armor that you're wearing so that it could stop any of the Forbidden Spells if used against me.

There are more Forbidden Spells?

Yes, but the Dark Curse is the least destructive. It targets only a single person, whereas the other ones can take down armies, or even planets. Lucky for me... I know them all.

You do?

Young apprentice, I have powers in which make an Ultra Orakian look like a Normal Orakian. I have the power to shift planets, to alter their course, or to destroy them. Erim would not want me to destroy a planet. So I haven't.


I will teach you more of the Dark Curse tomorrow. You are dismissed young Rulakir.

*bows* Thank you, master. *leaves*

*sighs and looks down* Where did I go wrong? I feel like I'm losing what's left of my heart. Erim, I will succeed for you.

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(Actraiser - Temple)