*Flashback begins*

Rulakir! Where did you go?

I'm right here sugar. What's going on?

Oh nothing. Nearly got lost in this castle again. But that's ok.

Ah, Lashute is amazing isn't it?

You outdid yourself this time Rulakir. How goes the Alpha Project?

There seems to be something missing. It's as though I can't generate enough power in them.

*hugs Rulakir* You're only human, Rulakir. There isn't much you can do if you can't generate power.

I know I'm only human. That's what I hate about it. I have enough brain-power to do things, but not enough Spiritual Power. Unlike my brother Orakio.

Yeah but Orakio, though a brilliant engineer himself, couldn't nearly build anything as grand as Lashute.

*laughs* Skyhaven. I wonder how he's doing.

Is the War between him and Laya still going on?

Laya's been weakened. It should only be a matter of time before my brother and his followers win. Leave it to the people to call themselves "Orakians".

You decided not to get involved in it... so they can't call themselves "Rulakians".

What gets me though is how come the "Layans" can use magic while we can't.

I can use magic.

Yeah, but you're not human either. God only knows what you are.

Yeah. I know.

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(Chrono Trigger - Morning Sunlight)