Master Rulakir, we're getting a signal from your brother.

Bring it up on the screen, Wren.

Roger that. *brings the signal on the screen*

*on the screen* Rulakir, we're being attacked! We need help!

We? You're losing the battle with Laya now?

Laya is with me. We're fighting off Dark Force.

Dark Force? That's impossible! Rolf informed me that he fought it not too long after Palma exploded.

Somebody by the name of Draco sent it to attack me.

No... not Draco.

Orakio, I'm coming. Don't die on me now! What dome are you in now?

Landen. I'm at one of Laya's temples. We're both fighting it.

I'm on my way. Hang in there brother!

Right. You say that to... *screen goes blank*

Orakio? ORAKIO!


... *looks over to Wren* Wren, Orakio created you as a transformer, right?


Aerojet, now! We're going to Landen.

*transforms into an Aerojet*

Erim... you stay here. Seems Draco is still trying to kill me.

Death Dragons are tough stuff. Please be careful. You don't have any special abilities you know.

I can still try. *flies off with Wren*

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(Romancing SaGa 3 - Abyss Gate Battle)