*in Landen*

Try as you must human, you're not going to defeat me.

... you killed Laya... and now you're trying to destroy the rest of us? Who sent you?

It's none of your business why Draco sent me...

*arrives, standing on the flying Wren* Orakio!

Rulakir! Get back!

I'm here to help! Hop on!

... no.

What? What do you mean no? Get your ass up here!

*takes out his sword, which glows a bright shade of blue* By my sword inside one of Laya's Temples. Dark Force, I shall seal you here! *stabs his sword into Dark Force*

Gaaaaaarh! What's going on?

*slashes Dark Force with it, then stabs the sword into the ground*

*the floor opens up and starts to swallow Dark Force*

Just try me! I'll be back in 1000 years like I always am! *is sealed into the crevice*

... *collapses onto his knees* Laya... give me power to sink this island.

Orakio! No!

*the ground starts to shake and the island and the temple Orakio is on starts to sink*

*collapses to the ground while it's sinking* Brother... it's over. *dies*

... Oh no it isn't! *flies down with Wren and grabs Orakio's arm, pulling him on with him* Wren! Back to Lashute!


*back in reality*

*sitting on his throne, sighs* The day I lost my brother. My brother sealed up the evil to save the Spaceship. So I took the Spaceship and landed on the Fantasy World. I buried Orakio in a tomb on Skyhaven and left it on that planet... but not before taking the power of Orakio's spirit.

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(Star Ocean - Take a Fancy)