*back at the flashback*

Rulakir? Dear? You've been awake for 4 days now working on this project. Are you ok?

Patience Erim. I've nearly finished Project Alpha. Finally, a tribe of people who will have extreme power. But... it will take hundreds of years to know if I am successful or not. I've named these people of power... Orakians!

In honor of your brother?

Yes, but that's not all. You see, I infused myself with Orakio's Spiritual Power before I resumed this project. It seems that his spiritual energy allowed him to use magic beyond compare.


... My Orakians will breed with each other, creating a huge race that will be able to populate the universe.

It sounds like you are creating an army if you ask me.

... just enough to get back at Draco. He took my brother... he will die!

Why does Draco want you dead anyway?

I don't know. The Death Dragons have been trying to destroy anything and everything. It's no wonder why he sent Dark Force to try to destroy the ship.

... Rulakir, you need sleep.

Not now... I'm so close. So very close!


... fine. I'll try to get some sleep.

Thank you. *hugs Rulakir*

*walks with Erim to his room*

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