*that night*

*tosses and turns* I can't get to sleep Rulakir.

*asleep, snoring*

*sighs and gets up* Fine... *walks out the door*

*a thick layer of mist hovers outside the door*

*steps into the hallway* Where'd this come from?

*teleports in* Hold it there!

*looks at the figure* Who the hell are you?

Erim I presume? I was given orders to kill you.

... *backs away* ...

*steps towards Erim* You look like you wanna fight me. Why don't you just try.

... RULAKIR!!!

Don't even try it. *waves his hand and shuts the door behind her, locking Rulakir in the room*

*wakes up* Erim?

Rulakir! Help!

*jumps out of bed and runs for the door* Erim!

It won't help you Erim. I'm going to kill you just as Lord Draco asked me to.

Draco again?!

*holds out hand* Black Energy Wave!

*rolls out of the way as the Black Energy Wave hits the door, destroying it*

*walks out* ... Prepare to die!

You think I'm going to give up just like that? Mere human, you don't know the kind of powers you are messing with. Draco has paid me a pretty penny to see that your heart is destroyed. And Erim is the key to doing that!

*charges a spell in his hand* I'm no mere human.

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(Phantasy Star IV - The Black Blood)