And I'm no mere assassin. I am Zio, the Black Magician! *waves hand in front of his body* Magic Barrier!

*a wall of light surrounds Zio*

Dark Curse! *shoots a blast of magic at Zio*

*laughs as the magic is absorbed by the Magic Barrier* Foolish human. Nothing can penetrate my Magic Barrier. I'm invincible with it.

*backs up and stands beside Rulakir*

Damn... Erim, get out of here. Tell Wren to take you someplace save.

*nods and kisses Rulakir on the cheek, then runs off*

Not so fast!

Forget it Zio, your mess is with me.

*glares at Rulakir* Lord Draco wants you for himself. But, I don't see the harm in weakening you.

Just try it. *clasps hands together and closes his eyes*

NaFoi! *raises a hand. From the sky a huge bolt of fire shoots at Rulakir*

*opens eyes* Magic Absorbtion! *glows a light green as he's hit with the spell*

That should take care of you.

*stands there still, uneffected by the spell* Not quite Zio. Why don't you teach me a couple more of your tricks?

Persistant Bugger, aren't you? Then take this then. *aims both hands in front of him at Rulakir* Black Energy Wave! *shoots a huge mass of dark energy at Rulakir*

Mirror! *a shot of light hovers in front of Rulakir*

*the Black Energy Wave hits the shot of light and reflects back to Zio*

*hits Zio flat in the chest, breaking the Magic Barrier* Gah!

*closes eyes again* Had enough?

Magic Barrier! *lifts hand up to regenerate the barrier*

Spell Reversal! *moves hand in front of him, the power from the Magic Barrier starts to move towards Rulakir* Magic Absorbtion! *the Magic Barrier hits Rulakir*

You little bastard! My Magic Barrier!

It's mine now. You see, I've learned to absorb magic in order to learn it. But with the power of my brother running through me now, I also managed to create your doom.

*eyes wide, fear stricken* It can't be...

Meet the first of my Forbidden Spells. With no Magic Barrier to protect you, you're helpless.

Forbidden Spells?

Dark Curse! *shoots a bit of black magic at Zio*

*hits Zio in the chest, blood shooting out as though he had just been shot* Noooooooooooooooooooo! Rulakir you fiend! *collapses and dies*

*stands over Zio, grins* Sweet dreams Zio. *hits the corpse with another blast of magic* Try to kill my woman will you!! *hits him with another blast* Tell your master that nobody messes with Rulakir! *fires yet another blast of magic at the corpse*

*walks from around the corner, eyes widened* Rulakir?

*stops and turns around* Erim? *pauses* I thought I asked you to leave.

*eyes start to tear up, then runs off crying*

Erim! Wait!

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(Phantasy Star IV - Laughter)