*back in the present*

Erim left me that day. *sighs* She saw the evil in my heart and wanted no part of it. But, ever since then I've lived for one reason; to find Erim again.

*comes from around the corner* Master?

Rulakir? I thought I sent you off.

I couldn't help overhear you talking to yourself. So that's the reason why Erim left you.

Wren later reported that she had killed herself. I had found the body and laid her to rest on your planet, asking my good friend Tsarkon to search for ways to revive her. He managed to do so, but she again was killed. This time Tsarkon couldn't help me because he had been defeated.

Did you try anything to revive her?

I'm still working on it. Many MANY years ago I found an item that would help me do so. But in doing so I endangered an entire city. Draco took advantage of that city after it was weakened... but I protected it.

What exactly is the plan though?

My dear apprentice... I cannot tell you just yet. Just please trust my judgment on this. When Erim comes back to me, I'll finally be at peace with myself.

But... master. What if Erim won't take you back?

SHE WILL TAKE ME BACK! *breathes* Rulakir, please leave me. I must rest.

*bows* Yes master. *starts leaves*

*to self* ... she will have to take me back... because there won't be anybody left in the universe when I'm through. It will just be me and her to populate this universe again.

*stops and hears what Rulakir said*... *hangs head, thinking to self as he walks away* Am I just a puppet of evil once again? But what can I do? I've seen the power Master Rulakir possesses. It cannot be beaten.

Once I populate the universe again, I will be a God to the people. They will either worship me or be destroyed. Yes. Erim will be my Goddess, the one who can give life or take it away. *grins* Erim, I hope you're hearing this. The universe will soon be our's! And me and the Silver Armlet will help it be.

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(Final Fantasy - Chaos' Temple)