*back in memory, in the small kingdom of Oasis*

Lord Henry! Something strange is going on here!

*sitting on his throne* Relax, my trusted squire. What seems to be the trouble.

A lot of people are... well, just dying!

*raises an eyebrow* Dying? How is this possible?

It looks to be some kind of curse. A pretty powerful one.

*stands up* I'll handle this. Please evacuate everybody to a safer place while I call for the Oasis Guard.

*bows* Yes your highness. *runs off*

I've heard about this lately. Anything with ancient runes have been experiencing curses.

*voice* You ever wonder why?

*takes out sword* Who said that? Show yourself!

*jumps from the celing* I did.

!!! Who are you?

I hear you have an Armlet of great power.

*reveals his arms, which hold the Gold and Silver Armlets* Correction... I have TWO armlets of great power. And if you don't explain to me why you're here, I'll be forced to use their power.

... I asked you a question earlier. Do you ever wonder why the people are dying? Why the Dark Curse seems to be more frequent then ever?

Of course I wonder it!

And don't you realize that on your right arm you have the power to stop death.

... What are you talking about? Even I cannot stop death.

Well, I realize you can't stop your own death, since that will happen in only a few minutes.

... Who in blazes are you?

By the time this fight is over, you will have forgotten my name. I am Rulakir, Lord of the rising Orakian Army created to destroy the Death Dragons that threaten this universe. However, in order to remove a threat it has occured to me that I have to make a few... sacrifices.

You don't mean...?

*pulls out his sword which glows light-blue* Sorry, Lord Henry. This is nothing personal, just business. *without as much as a split-second warning, slashes off the right arm of Lord Henry with his sword*

*screams in pain as the Silver Armlet falls to the ground with his arm, but amazingly no blood* Who... what are you?

I decided that you should live for your country. All I wanted was the Armlet. And I knew you wouldn't give it to me.

But... the Silver Armlet... it's evil. If the two armlets aren't joined together then all hell will break loose.

*picks up the Silver Armlet* That's the plan. Well, now that I have the Silver Armlet I suppose I can stop with the Dark Curse on this city. Be warned though; if anybody tries to enter Lachute I will destroy this city in a blaze of fury. Again though, you have already forgotten my name, just as I had suspected.

... I'll never forget your name, LORD DRACO!

*thinks to self* Excellent. The plan is going perfectly. He thinks I'm Draco. I'm glad I learned how to use Mind Manipulation. *aloud* Yes, I am Lord Draco. But this is the last time you'll see me with my armor on. *disappears*

... I'm gonna need a little help from the Dragoons. Draco is going down!

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Boss Battle)