*a week later*

*looking on from Lachute* Excellent. Draco is attacking Oasis now.

Just as you expected, Rulakir?

Yes Tsarkon. Soon I will go down and protect Oasis, then I will be a hero.

Masterful work, Rulakir.

*on the battlefield*

Draco! Give me back the Silver Armlet!

I don't know what the hell you're talking about old man! Your Dragoons started this fight! Now it is time to end it!

What shall we do master?

Bring her out!

So you won't give me back the Silver Armlet? *points his left arm at Draco* Then prepare to die to the Gold Armlet!

*flies in, landing behind Draco and Leon*

*looks at the dragon* Oh my. *steps back* Retreat! *starts to run*

Yes my daughter! Fire at the city! Show them that nobody messes with the Death Dragons!

*gathers up energy and fires a huge beam of light from her mouth*

*warps in and flies in front of the beam* Magic Barrier! *holds his right arm up with the Silver Armlet, creating a barrier to hold the attack at bay* We meet again, Draco!

You! I should have known! Keep firing my girl!

*continues to fire at the city, only to be blocked still by Rulakir*

Magic Absorption! *the armlet easily absorbs the power of the dragon*

Master Draco... who is he?

That's Rulakir! The bastard... trying to take over the universe. Well not on my watch! He won't take it over before I take it over!

*stops firing, tired*

I didn't say to stop! Fire fire fire!

It's time you paid the price for trying to assassin Erim. Your buddy Zio didn't last long now did he? It's because of YOU that my Erim is dead! *makes a large circle with his arm* Say hello to the 2nd Forbidden Spell, Draco. If you thought the Dark Curse was bad, wait until you see this one.

I have a bad feeling about this.

*the red gem on the Silver Armlet glows* Burst Beam of Destruction! *a blue stream of light shoots from his hand, straight at the dragon*

*is hit in the heart with the beam, which explodes within, killing her* *falls to the ground*

My daughter! *runs to her* Rulakir you bastard! You killed my daughter!

Oh I'm sure you'll find a way to revive her. Do you dare challenge me now, Draco?

... Leon, pull the Army out. We'll get him someday.

But sir...

Do it NOW!

How does it feel to lose someone you love Draco!? You think terrorizing this universe will help you gain control of it?! On this day I declare war against the Death Dragons!

You and what army, human?!

I'm not a human. I'm an... ORAKIAN! And my Orakian Army will be more powerful than you can ever imagine! *grins* Just you wait. *disappears*

... can it be true Lord Draco? Is there such a thing as an Orakian?

Don't be silly, Leon. I've been all over the universe and have never once even heard of an Orakian. Oh, but there was a guy named Orakio that I tried to kill once so that the spaceship he was on would crash onto a planet... but Dark Force failed me there.

You don't think then... this Orakian race could have spawned from that?

I doubt it. Let's not worry about it for now.

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Omni Zophar)