*back at the present*

And that was the day I declared war on Draco and the Death Dragons. For many years I had to face them alone. Little did they know that I wasn't only planning to bring back my love... but my brother as well.

*walks in* Master Rulakir?

What is it Lano?

I couldn't help but overhear your story.

... *to self* note to self, next time write it down. *to Lano* And?

This whole war was because Draco tried to kill both Orakio and Erim?

That was only part of it. The Death Dragons had no business trying to take over the universe. I was merely protecting it. I committed some crimes, but they were needed in order to protect us against Draco.

*enters* So that's why you took the Silver Armlet?

*enters with Orakio* And used it against the Death Dragons?

... Ah, young Orakio. My you are a spitting image of my departed brother. Come in, come in. What brings you here?

*enters* I invited them.

My apprentice... I did not wish to see anyone tonight.

Master, I know you are not evil, but is it true what I heard?

And what is that?

*hangs head* That you plan to destroy all life in the universe, then repopulate it with Erim so that you can become a God?

Where did you hear this nonsense?

From you.


Lord Rulakir, this is madness. Erim wouldn't want this.

How would you know? You weren't there when she killed herself.

*enters* No but I was.


Late as always, Wren?

Erim told me her dying wish, Master Rulakir. But she told me not to tell you until the time was right. She saw how evil you became. The madness in your eyes as you blasted Zio's corpse over and over again. She didn't want to be with somebody like that. I saw it in her eyes.

... you lie! She didn't kill herself, YOU killed her Wren!

Master, under the first Law of Master Orakio that he installed into all his cyborgs, I was forbidden to kill another person. Erim told me everything in secrecy, fearing the day you'd go mad after your brother's death. Her dying wish is that she could see her lover one last time, not the evil incarnate that it turned into.

Wren... you betrayed me. For this you will ALL DIE!

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Goddess Tower)