I believe I shall start off with this... MAGIC BARRIER! *waves his hand and a form of light encovers his body*


What is it?

I don't know how to stop the Magic Barrier.

What's so great about it?

*holds arms out to side, not moving* Go ahead and try me.

No, don't!

Why? What does this do?

... he can't be touched now. He is...


Searching database of known spells... ... ... Magic Barrier is unknown.

*laughs* The Magic Barrier has been lost for nearly 1000 years... well, believed to have been lost. Nothing can stop me now.

What do we do now?

*looks around* We may have to retreat.

Oh don't think you're going to retreat! *claps hands and the doors shut tight* Escape is inevitable.

Orakio? What do we do now?

Wren... are you sure you don't know anything about the spell?

Nothing at all. If memory serves me right... the only person who'd know about this is... Rune...

But Rune is dead now. That won't do us any good.

Maybe Zak knows.

Are you all just going to stand there and let me kill you?

Give us a minute, we're thinking.

*grins* Try if you must, but nothing can defeat me. No human, no Death Dragon, no Cyborg, and certainly no Orakian!

*voice* It seems you're forgetting something.

*looks around* What? Who's there?

... that voice...

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Intolerance)