*voice* Rulakir my love. How could you make such mistakes? Using your power to aid evil. This isn't you at all.

What do you mean? Erim? What are you talking about?

*voice* I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to the other Rulakir!

... Jema?

*falls from the ceiling and slashes evil Rulakir across the chest on her way down, breaking the Magic Barrier*

*blood flows from his chest, not realizing the barrier was broke*

*lands and then backflips over to Orakio and Rulakir* You thought I'd miss the show, hubby?

*notices the blood* Gah... what... who are you? You're not human! And you're certainly not Orakian!

Jema... what are you doing here?

I couldn't leave you to do this alone. We must fight together.

That... aura around you... *laughs* John Neu, you bastard! This is what you created?! This is the Star of Algo?!

What? What are you talking about?

The only thing I feared in my life was the return of the Star of Algo... grrrrrr. What is it doing on the good side?

It seems to know that you're going to cause trouble.

Give it up Rulakir. We have you beaten now.

*in fear* But... but I have more power than the Star of Algo! Why should I fear it?


*hangs head* My dear Erim... it is not time for me to kill them yet. The Star of Algo... stands before me... yet does she even realize her own power?

*looks over at Jema* Jema?

*grins* They don't realize it! This is better than I thought. Rulakir, get ready to experience what nobody else has ever seen before!

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(Final Fantasy IX - The Dark Messenger)