*...what just happened?*

*somewhere in time and space*

Rulakir... Rulakir... wake up.

*groans a bit*

Rulakir... wake up. Your time has come.

*slowly gets up* Ugh... where am I?

Rulakir... do you remember anything?

*thinks*... No.

Excellent. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Tsarkon, leader of SYCO.


Master Rulakir told me that an Orakian would come to me to help me out.

Master Rulakir?

Ah, you haven't heard of him? Did you even know that you're an Orakian?

... a what?

*walks up to Tsarkon* Tsarkon.

What is it Erim?

Control has recovered from our recent attack. We need to move out fast. And... *whispers something to Tsarkon*

... Yes. Erim, you and I will head to Mt. Katahdin. *looks over to Rulakir* Rulakir, listen to me well. We need your assistance. A group named Control has been fighting with us for a long time on and off. We recently attacked their headquarters but it seems to me that they're back stronger than ever. We want you to help us.

What do you want me to do?

I sense anger in your heart... perhaps for your twin brother?

*sighs* A little.

Magnify it. That hatred will be your power. You see, your brother is helping them out from what I hear.


We've abducted a man named Chang Who. He'll be bait to lure in Control. I've also hired an agent to help you out.

... Fine...

You will be known as Mr. Shorty, the image leader of SYCO. The best thing is, Control doesn't know a thing about me.


And also... don't mention my name. *disappears with Erim*

... Orakio... we will meet again. *looks out of the window in the room, seeing the barren town of Paseo from atop the huge tower*




... What is this?

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(Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 & 2 - A Lush Load)