*looks out the window* Orakio made it I see.

... why do I remember this? I thought I had put this part of my past behind me. And... what happened to Master Rulakir and Jema?

... What kind of weapon is a bowling ball? God, Control must be really stupid to try to pull this off.

*a semi-loud explosion is heard*

Hmph. *walks to his desk and pressed a button* Sarah, tell the chief of security to capture the incoming Control Agents... and bring them all to my office.

Why now? What does my memories have to do with what is going on now?

*sits in a chair at his desk* Orakio... the lucky one. Why did this have to happen? Why were you taken to Lorath to be cared for while I suffered in life!

Suffered? I said that I had suffered? I don't even remember what my childhood was like.

Locked away in a lab. Why did I get this treatment and not you?! I was cut, sliced, bombed, mangled, tangled, and *shudders* probed! But you... you lived in an orphanage. The king of Lorath treated you like a prince.

Was I really that bitter? No wonder I don't want to remember my childhood. I was probed? Well, that would explain why I was talking so anally here.

God I hate that John Neu. Little does he know before I escaped his captivity, I fiddled with the settings on his project. Let's see him create an ultimate being when the specimen splits in two...

Specimen? Jema? I knew Jema before she was even born?

Makes me wonder what kind of slime he'll use as a specimen. No matter, he never checks his formulas after he completed them, so after I added a key ingredient to it... *laughs* We'll just have to wait and see.

... so I stopped Anja before she was even born? Or... did John Neu actually figure out what I had done?

*a knock on the door*

You may enter.

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(Shining Force II - Castle)