... Sonic, where are we?

Just be patient Tia. I'll run us out of here.

*turns around from his chair* You might find that escape is impossible, oh speedy one.

Oh? Just watch me! *starts to run away*

Grrrr.. Agent Double R! Get here!

*runs in* Meep meep!

Chase him down!

*nods* Meep! *runs after Sonic*

*a crash, bang, and an explosion occurs*

*is brought back in, face as black as night* Touche...

Who are you?

Control agents? I met with them?

I am Mr. Shorty, leader of SYCO!

So you're the one we've been sent to take care of... *wipes the soot off his face from the explosion*

Ironic, eh? You don't even know what we are and already you're too late to save yourselves.

Where is Chang!?

Chang? Oh, him. Well, we already let him go. He was just a decoy.

Boy... SYCO was low.

Now you tell me this... what is my brother doing with Control?

Your brother?

You mean the rookie?

His name is Orakio. Why is he with you?

I don't know anything about him, Short one.

That's MISTER Shorty!

Either way, he just joined us not too long ago. Nobody knows of his intensions.

He seems dumb to me.

But his intensions were pure... though yes, he is dumb.

.... interrogating you two is getting me nowhere. Guard! Take them away! *sits back at his desk and turns away*

*is taken away*

*walk inside the office*

*Officer* These are the other 2 that busted in, Mr. S. What should I do with them?

*sitting in the shadows* Take the red one to prison. I want to speak with the one in the yellow pants.

*Officer* Yes sir! *Escorts Zero to the prison*

So, what do you want me for?

*sitting in the shadows still* I have something to tell you. Orakio...

Oh god, please don't make me remember this cliche of a line!

What is it?

*turns around, revealing his face* I am your brother.


*hits head on hand* NO NO NO NO NO! Tell me I didn't say that!

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(Phantasy Star III - Rhys' Anger)