*too many transactions later*

*hanging by his arms from the chains, just waking up* Uhhhhgh...

*hanging next to him, already awake* I see you've awakened.

*hanging on the other side of Jema, out cold*

*looks over to Rulakir* What happened Jema?

Well... my attack... well, it didn't work entirely.

What do you mean by that?

Well, let's start from the attack. The two spirits inside of me told me about a penetration attack called the Half-Moon Cannon. What it does is combine the powers of the Palmanian Sapphire and the Motavian Ruby into an attack. Well, the attack worked... somewhat.

What do you mean by somewhat?

Well, Rulakir was hit hard by it. Weakened him significantly... then there was evil Rulakir.

You mean you missed?!

Hey! This was the first time I tried the attack. Either way, the attack reflected off Rulakir's armor and hit Master Rulakir in the chest. Didn't kill him, but it did do something I didn't expect on.

What's that?

Well... it... um... knocked him out too.

... didn't I just ask you if it worked or not?

It was suppose to have been a kill shot.

Then why are we hanging here by these chains?

*standing by the shadows, listening* I put you here.

Lano? But why? And where is Leene? Where are we?

Don't worry right now Orakio. You're safe for now. Master Rulakir is still on Lachute. It seems that she is still with him.

What?! Why?! We have to save her!

Keep your cool! The Master is far too weak to kill her right now. The Half-Moon Cannon did quite a bit of damage on him.

Then where are we?

*standing near a power outlet in the corner* You are in New Sweeden. John Neu's lab to be percise.

But... I thought this place was destroyed?

Just the outside. The deeper levels are still in tact. In fact, this was the only escape route from Lachute. The teleporter lead us here.

Why are we chained up?

You're slowly healing through the NEU Chains of Life. At least that is what the model in his diary said.

*looks over to Rulakir* What about him?

It might take him longer. He was hit pretty hard you know.

Lano. Please, unchain me. I have to get Leene back.

You can't. I closed off the teleporter to Lachute.


... *walks up to Orakio and unchains him* Fine, but you're going in alone.

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