*somewhere in the past again*

*slowly gets up* Ugh... what happened? Where am I?

*slowly comes into focus* Rulakir...


You have fallen to your brother's power. Much like the Rulakir I knew of the past.

Was this right after I died the first time?

So I'm dead?

No, I'm dead. This time for real perhaps?

No Rulakir, you're not dead. I just revived you. I'm the last of the people given the power to raise the dead.

But... why did you do it?

Because Tsarkon needs you still. Orakio has a weak heart. He hates fighting his brother.

*sighs* I don't know why I bother trying to hate my brother.

This isn't about hatred. You're with us. During the American Civil War, brothers chose sides and fought against each other, whether they wanted to or not. This is our war.

What war though?

*looks up in the night sky* Control doesn't know it, but our real mission is to break free of the evil government in the east side of the world. Since the west side of this world isn't as advanced as the east side, we fight here. Control is the government's tool to get rid of us.

But what has the government done that's so evil?

President Paul James Bowe of Arcani, the capitol city of the eastern world, has destroyed many cities in the east and then blamed it on SYCO. He funds projects that are un-natural, like John Neu's Destructo Beam and his Numan research. He raises taxes to fill his pockets while people starve to death on the streets. His control on the eastern world is powerful, and he's been gathering help in Lorath and Oasis.

So... Orakio has joined them?

... I should have told Orakio about this. I almost forgot this conversation. But what has become of President Bowe?

Orakio remains loyal to Lorath because that is where he was raised and loved by the King. This is one of those cases where they will remain loyal, even if they know they are wrong.

So I have to fight him?

Just for a while longer. Tsarkon has hired two doctors in science and robotics to help out. We'll win this war yet.

*nods* I believe we have the right cause.

Can I trust you with something Rulakir?


My first boyfriend was named Rulakir. He lived about 1000 years ago and I haven't heard from him since. One day, after his brother died, he became mad. I... couldn't take it. I saw evil in his eyes... so I left him and killed myself.

You killed yourself? Why are you here then?

Rulakir gave my body to Tsarkon to find a way to revive me. Tsarkon calls me his flower of birth, but I don't know what that means. I remember everything, and it pains me today. But Tsarkon tells me that Rulakir has changed for the better. I hope to meet him again someday.

So a dead memory revived still remembers?

And you can revive the dead?

Anyone I want... except myself. However, it takes a lot of power. Just don't die too often.

Not a chance!

*laughs* Yeah right.

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(Tales of Symphonia - Floating in the Air)