*back at Lachute*

*teleports back in* *grabs his sword* Man, when was the last time I had an action scene?

*about 10 fly in and surround Orakio*

Well if that wasn't quick. 10 Gargoyles? Is that all Rulakir has sent to me?

*slowly circles Orakio*

*holds sword out, turning slowly around to see each of them*

*the one behind Orakio lunges in attack*

*stabs his sword backwards through the attacking Gargoyle, then slashes the group ahead of him*

The remaining start to jump him.

*quickly spins around in a circle with his sword out and slashes each of them*

*each of them dies*

Is that all you've got Rulakir?! You'd better get ready because I'm coming after Leene! *continues to make his way through Lachute*

*stabs at Orakio as he turns a corner*

*blocks with his sword* A guardian angel, eh? Trying to protect your master?

*takes his sword away and flies back, readying himself*

*follows after him*

*leaps in the air and over Orakio*

*points his sword upwards and jumps just as the angel is over him, stabbing right through him*

*stops in mid-air and dies*

*removes his sword and sheathes it* *taunts* C'mon Rulakir. Gimme something better. *continues through Lachute*

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(Tales of Symphonia - Threatening Sky)