*back wherever Rulakir is*

Rulakir... come forth again.

*wakes up* Ugh.... *stands up* Erim?

Rulakir. We've made a mistake.

What is it? Am I alive again? I'm no longer a spirit.

I used the last of my reviving powers to give you another shot at life. Now listen.

But why?

I said listen. Tsarkon lied to me. He... he didn't want freedom from Rowe... he wanted to destroy the world!

... Tsarkon... what?

Rulakir... I don't have much power left. Control... your brother... they're innocent. Tsarkon is extremely powerful, and has been building up strength for the longest time.

So what should I do?

Help out your brother... help him defeat Tsarkon.

... Erim... you've told me so little about what's really going on. I feel like I'm a pawn in a large game of Chess.

... have I really been that insignificant?

Rulakir... listen to my words. Don't stray from light and life. Don't let the evil corrupt your heart just as my Rulakir did. Do not let Tsarkon destroy this world.

But how? How do I do so?

*lays down in a bed* I don't know. Go to Mt. Katahdin. That is where Orakio will be.


I have to tell you this. Rulakir, Tsarkon used you because he knows of the potential threat of Orakians. Control hired an Orakian, so he used you, knowing of the darkness in your heart. An Orakian must kill him, you must aid your brother.


Your eyes have a kinder glow to them then my Rulakir's. If you two should ever meet, please tell my Rulakir that I want him to stop his evil ways. I know he's alive. I just wish I could have seen him again to tell him. *closes her eyes*


Promise me.

... I promise Erim... and thank you. Thank you for giving me one more chance.

*breathes heavily and slowly dies*

... I had forgotten that promise. I owe Erim a lot. But... it looks like I'm a little late to do so. But... this still explains nothing. Why am I just now remembering these things? What happened? Jema! Where are you?

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Innocent Sea)