*hanging there still* Lano... how long has Orakio been gone?

About two hours now.

*looks at Rulakir* How are his signs looking?

What signs? He's hanging there.

Vital signs you dork! You have him regenerating, so you should have him hooked up to something.

... he's just hanging there.

... *thud*

*slowly wakes up* Ugh...


*opens eyes slowly* Wh... where am I? Jema? Is that you?

Rulakir... it's me. I'm here.

Is that really you Jema? Please don't let it be another dream. I can't take another.

Sorry, this dump isn't a dream. You're in the remains of the NEU Headquarters. Master Rulakir had a direct portal to the lowest room.

*looks around, still half dazed* Heh.

I was so worried. You took a hard hit.

... where is Orakio?

He went back to Lashute. He's looking for Leene.

... alright.

ALRIGHT?! Is that all you can say? Master Rulakir will crush Orakio.

*grins* *chuckles a bit*

What's so funny?

Your brother is about to become the Master's next target and you laugh?

God I hate it when you think evil, Rulakir!

*laughs some more* You really think that my brother, the strongest of the Orakians on this planet, will die to the king of Orakians...

*interrupts* YES!

... *reaches into his pouch hidden within his cape*. Let me rephrase. Do you think that my brother, ORAKIO, will die to the king of Orakians when the king doesn't have *pulls out the Silver Arlmet* THIS!

!!! The Silver Armlet?! But... how... where...

How did you get it?


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