When Jema told me to let her handle Rulakir, I looked over and noticed that he was wearing the Silver Armlet. I noticed that he usually likes to keep that arm covered, but he had it plainly revealed, as though he was expecting an attack.

Why would he hide the armlet? It holds most of his power doesn't it?

Not most of it. He can still power up to the 4th level without it. But I have noticed that he usually keeps that one arm concealed. Never understood why.

Will you let me finish?


Again, Rulakir hides the Silver Armlet because... get this... his arm is TOO SMALL for the armlet. Therefore the Silver Armlet is loose on his arm.

So that's why he kept it hidden?

Bingo. He told me that the Silver Armlet was made for the arms of a small demon or a large man. You might have noticed that master Rulakir is actually quite small.

So... how did you manage to get it?

While he was distracted by you, I snuck around then ran for his arm. I easily took the armlet off... just in time for your attack to hit me. Before I passed out, with nobody watching (hopefully), I put the Armlet away for safe keeping.

After a thousand years, the old man didn't learn every trick in the book.

So then do you think my attack would have killed him?

Not a chance... I know him too well.

The attack was impressive. My chest still aches from it.

Perhaps this is the time to order a strike against Master Rulakir. Perhaps finish him before he tries to take it back... or worse, attack Oasis again to get the Gold Armlet.

We have to call Control and have them send every agent we have.


Why not?

Rulakir may be setting a trap for us. It's best that we wait for Orakio to get back with Leene. Leene was taken hostage. I don't want to lose her.

... you still love her, eh?

*holds up head* Not a chance. She's the master's daughter and therefore of Orakian Royal Blood.

Well whatever, can you get us down from these chains?

... sure.

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