*back at Lashute*

*holds his sword in his hand*

*sits at his throne chair*

*standing beside Rulakir, in chains* Orakio! Help me!

*slaps Leene across the face* Silence! You're an Orakian, stop acting so helpless!

Let her go!

What do you plan to do? You plan to power up? Ha! You'd be nothing if it weren't for me!

That's where you're wrong, Rulakir.

Oh really now, young Orakian.

No matter what, I am somebody. People may not be like us or have powers like us, but I learned that each and every person is somebody! Somebody important taught me that.

... Orakio... you do remember.

Of course I do Leene... that was one of the first things you ever said to me at the orphanage.

Now it makes me glad I caught Onal before he could send his son there. Sappy feelings. I'm glad that my heart went black when Erim died. But the seeds have been planted. Erim will live again!

*grins, holding sword firmly* But you won't live to see it.

*stands up slowly, taking out his sword* So it has come down to this... I face my brother's soul once again.

Once again?

*grins* You think you were the only heir to Orakio? Oh no young one. You're the 3rd. And I've killed every one of them!


Oh yes... each one of them threatened to destroy all that I worked for. They knew too much just as you do right now, and they all had great power... but they all underestimated MY power... the power of this! *takes out his other arm, which is now bare*

... what am I looking at?

*looks at his arm* !!! It's gone?! What the hell happened?

Looks like you misplaced it.

*looks over to Leene and slaps her across the face* Where is it?!

*cries* I don't have it!

Stop it! Rulakir! Let her go now!

Or else what? *slaps Leene again*

*cries still* Orakio!

You like this my precious daughter?! *slaps her again*

STOP IT!!! ENOUGH!!! *flares up a massive amount of energy*

*looks at Orakio, crying still*

Excellent... show me your Super Powers!

*yells and continues to flare energy*

Now go Hyper!

*stops there, glaring at Rulakir*

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(Chrono Trigger - Black Wind Blows)