What? Is that all you have?

That's all I need...

*runs in* Orakio!

What great timing! *holds his sword to the neck of Leene* Rulakir, do you have my Armlet?!

Now why would I have that? I bet you Jema here destroyed it with her skill.

*holds his sword closer to Leene's throat* I'm gonna ask you one more time. WHERE IS IT?!

Rulakir? Where is it?

You mean this? *swings out his right arm, equipped with the Silver Armlet, which fires a blast of dark magic at Master Rulakir*

*is hit by the magic and drops his sword*

*runs towards Leene*

*picks up his sword quickly and points it at Leene's throat again* Stand down numan! Else she gets it!


Imagine... all the power in the world and you guys can't even save her life.

Rulakir! This is between you and me! Let her go!

How many times have you asked that now? I never get tired of hearing that. *laughs*


Master... why are you doing this?

*grins* I want to see how much power you guys have... so unless you want the blood of my innocent daughter on your hands, I suggest you power up as well... and young Orakio... I know you have more in you, so let me see it.

... Orakio?

... alright... fine!

Orakio... that much power will kill you! Is this really worth it?

You'd do the same thing if Jema was behind that blade. *starts to flare up again*

... touche.

Excellent... more! Keep going!

*yells loudly as his hair starts to change to a greenish hue*

*grins* Yes! The heir has gone far.

*stops flaring* *breathes heavily*

... he can't hold it... it's too much.

Now Rulakir... let's... *stops* What the?

*the walls start to shake*

*her chains break loose, then quickly slips away un-noticed*

What is this?

You will pay for what you've done!

... *looks over to Leene* Where did she go?

*holds his sword vertically in front of him, then removes his hands. The sword hovers in front of him as his eyes close*

... the black blade? No... he couldn't have unlocked it!

*the black blade starts to glow white with a firy blue aura* *chants in Orakian*

... *eyes widen* Oh no...

*opens eyes quickly, the sword flies straight for Master Rulakir's heart*

*is stabbed by the sword* Gah! *coughs up blood, dropping to the ground*

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(Final Fantasy VII - The Birth of a God)