*lays there motionless with the sword through him*

*powers down, breathing heavily*


*kneels to the ground*

*eyes fixed on Master Rulakir* He's really dead?

*walks in* So it has been done...

It sure looks like it.

*breathing even heavier*

You ok?

For a thousand years this man has thought only of himself. Afraid that one of his creations would grow stronger than him, he stole the Silver Armlet.

I can't believe how easily he went down though.

The Nei Sword... the sword of evil's death.

Nei Sword?

One of the four blades. The Nei Sword, the Shining Blade, the Langrisser, and the Dragon Buster. Each represent Light, Life, Dark, and Death.

Didn't Draco have the Dragon Buster though?


*breathing becomes labored*

We have to get him some help. *tries to help him up*

... he's... not dead...

What? *looks over to Master Rulakir, still laying on the floor*

*walks over to Master Rulakir* He's dead... see?

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(Final Fantasy VII - Great Warrior)