*eyes open quickly, hand reaches out and grabs Lano's chest, right at his heart*


He's alive!?

*grips tighter* Black Curse!

*a wave of dark energy shoots through him as he passes out, dead*

*gets up slowly and removes the sword* *tosses the sword aside and gasps for air* Well done...


You have weakened me considerably... *falls back to the ground on his knees* But if I am to die I won't die alone...


My finest creation is on his way... I'm going to kill every last Orakian with this...

Oh no...

Zarnath, Golden Demon of Death! Come forth and annihalate these insects!

*crashes through the ceiling of Lashute*

I will see you all in 20 years or so... if you live... *laughs and disappears*

What is this thing?

A combination of the DNA of Dark Force and Orakian DNA...

You mean to tell me this thing can power up like an Orakian?

It very well could.

*passes out*

Oh great... now he's out.

*looks at Lano's dead body and stomps on it* *roars loudly*

Rulakir... what are we going to do?

We have to fight it...

We don't have a prayer...

*runs over to Zarnath's feet and picks up the Nei Sword* Maybe we don't need one. *stabs the sword into it's foot*

*looks at Rulakir* Ow... *kicks Rulakir into the wall, the sword going with him*

*crashes against the wall* *slowly gets up* Ow? Did he just say ow? *picks up the Nei Sword*

We need a miracle.

*voice* Did somebody ask for a miracle?

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(Megaman X3 - Doppler Battle)