*from an airship hovering above Lashute* *holds the Shining Blade and a shield with a phoenix emblem on it*

We're here to help!

... how'd the find out we needed help?

*runs into the room* I hid behind the scenes and sent a message to them.

Forgot about us, didn't you?

Can't expect me to sit back and watch can you now?

Or me for that matter?

Does this stuff happen often?

Almost all the time.

*holds the Shining Blade up in the air* With the will of the Shining Blade, I summon thee, Solar Phoenix!

*emerges from the shield and flies towards Zarnath*

You expect that to kill him?

*burns Zarnath and flies towards Orakio*

*cries in pain* Hot...

*slowly gets up* Ugh...


Wren! Warp them to the Air Castle... we'll finish him off!

Setting coordiants...

*flies through Zarnath again and returns to Crys' shield*

Grrrr.... *jumps and flies off, through the atmosphere into space* Not worth it...

... He's gone? Well that was easy.

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(Final Fantasy VII - Motorcycle Chase)