*Get Wise: Episode 37, *cries* can't believe this is it*

*looks up* What was that voice?

Oh, the narrator? Well, I guess he's upset at something.

*I'm crying because this is the last episode*

Last episode? Why are you crying? This is a joyous occasion?

Why's that?

Come now... peace is reigning over this world. Why are we needed anymore?

*Director:* Can we PLEASE get on with this show? Narrator, just hold in those tears until everybody walks off the stage PLEASE!


*quickly runs off stage*

*Director:* Now... ACTION!

*Get Wise: Episode 37. Brought to you by Little Opie Doggie Treats... Treats for your little friend.

Orakio! What are you doing!?

What is it?

C'mon Orakio. It's only 5 hours to your big moment and you're still in jeans and a muscle shirt.

You have a bride to be waiting for you! You should be getting ready.

Oh, but this game totally rocks. One more song please?

What the hell are you playing?

Well, about a month back he got hooked on Guitar Hero. Now he thinks he's a rock star.

*sings while playing the plastic guitar* Cause every girl's crazy about a SHARPED DRESSED MAN! Oh yeah!

He's still stuck on Medium by the way.

Well, just don't let the rock star status go to his head. He has a wedding to participate in.

I don't get it Orak. Why are you just having a wedding like this?

*continues to play* Shhhh... I'm concentrating on this big solo up ahead.

Wedding like what Rulakir?

Well, nobody is really dressing up, and him and I are wearing something that isn't exactly dress-up material.

*storms into the room* ORAKIO!

*drops his guitar* D'oh! Chief, what are you doing here?

I'm here to talk you out of this. Nothing good comes out of a wedding. Look what it's done to me.

*sternly* Chief...

I'm balding, I'm fattening up, and my shoes still stink. Is this the type of future you want?

To be chief of control? Sure, why not?

Then you leave me no choice. *pulls out a shotgun* Orakio, I forbid you from marrying her.

*laughs* Chief... put that thing away before you shoot your foot. *slaps the gun away*

*fires as the gun is moved, shoots his foot* OWWWWW! *jumps around on one foot with his shoe smoking* OW OW OW OW OW!

Gee, what's his problem?

Probably doesn't want to see his best agent leave... but I'm not going anywhere, so why is he worrying?

Because you eloped?


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(Seiken Densetsu III - Walls and Steels)