*elsewhere in the Air Castle*

So... *putting makeup on Leene* how are you feeling today?

*sitting in a chair* In all seriousness... a bit nervous.

There's nothing to be nervous about.

That's easy for you two to say... Jessica, you're still not married, and you eloped Jema.

Meh, I perfer not to marry. I get a tax break if I'm single, and Zak knows that.

Rul and I just didn't want this big fuss.

I'll say. You two ran off and we didn't hear from either of you for 6 months.

With good reason too.

Enough about that, I hear you've been seeing a lot of Arik, Crystal.

Oooooooooooooh! Tell us, tell us!

There are some things that women just don't tell. Even so, what is your intentions with my twin brother, Jaymi?!

That's between me and Crys...

Then why are you so concerned about me and Arik?

Ok girls... cool your jets. We all know anyways, so it's no big secret.

How do you know?

Because Orakio is a big blabber mouth. Arik tells him something and Orakio tells me while I'm around everybody else. Can't keep his mouth shut.

*laughs* Just like Crys too. Crys tells me everything, even things I don't want to know.

Eeew, gross.

Lucky girls... I wish Rulakir told me things.

Rulakir's always been quiet though.

Sometimes I don't think he loves me.

I'm sure he does. He has a big enough heart, it's just... well...

He's never forgiven himself completely from all the people he killed when he was the leader of SYCO.

I know... trust me, I've seen bounty hunters come after him. He killed this rich man's mistress while burning a small village. The rich man sent out a 1 million meseta bounty on his head. He tells me that he feels so bad that he wished the bounty hunters could just kill him... but...

But what?

He won't fight the bounty hunters... so I have to defend him. Figures... he can't do his own laundry or defend himself. *laughs*

*giggles* *jokingly* Does big bad Rulakir need a woman to protect him?

*laughs* Yeah, that's him alright. He just won't forgive himself... and that bothers me. I hope Orakio isn't like that.

... me too.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Ami)