*back in the men's room*

Orakio! Would you hurry up!

You only have two hours left!

*from behind a curtain* Well excuse me... this armor doesn't exactly fit well anymore!

Why are you wearing it then?

Because Leene likes it!

I thought you were dieting before the wedding.

Shut up!

Calculating possible methods for instant weight loss...

*walks in* Calculate all you want tin man. *holds a card in the air*

Oh God, not those things.

I've perfected many cards and you still doubt them? These cards will some day help everybody learn magic.

Well, how's a card gonna help me?

In anticipation of Zarnath again, I created a card that would shrink him down to our size. But, I haven't seen him, and since this is more important, I scaled down the card so that it only decreases your size by 2 pant sizes. You should be able to fit into that armor easily you use this. *hands Orakio the card*

*takes the card and reads it* Semi-Shrink?

Just read the incantation on the card and it will instantly take effect.


Well, since just saying the english word with the card in hand would cause a serious problem, I decided to use an ancient language as an incantation. I translated it so that it's readable in english... but... it still may sound wierd.

*looking at it still*... this is Orakian...

Yeah... I know.

How did you learn Orakian?

I didn't... Starbird helped me with that. He's attempting to teach Ancient Orakian at the college.

Well, your incantations are screwy. What you have here translates to "The wood vanilla iced toad."

Well... I didn't say it was perfect Orakian... it's just an incantation.

... fine.. *reads the incantation aloud*

Nothing happened...

Try on the armor.

Gimme a second. *goes behind the curtain again*

*a minute later*


Well, it works... I'll give you that.

I can't believe that idiotic thing worked.

You laugh, but this will change the world someday.

*laughs* The wood vanilla iced toad... what's next?

*hands Orakio another card* Keep this one in your pocket.

*reads it* White Berry?

Oh yeah, you'll need that one tonight after the wedding *winks*

... *reads the text* In case of emergancy, report to your nearest christmas tree? *laughs*

Shut up!

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(Final Fantasy IX - Black Mage Village)