That voice... it couldn't be!

*grabs his sword* What the hell?

*voice* You don't think that I'd let you marry my daughter without me giving her away, now would you?

*the guests start to scream and run for cover*

*voice* Nobody goes anywhere!

*the doors shut*

*appears behind Raja*

*turns around* What in the name of falling motavians?


*draws his sword and stabs Raja in the chest*

Gah! *collapses, dead*

You and I have unfinished business, boy!

Dad... stop it!

Shut up wench! I never gave my blessing for this wedding.

I thought you weren't going to return for 20 years.

I also never thought you'd marry my daughter. So, here I am.

You bastard!

*moves his hand towards Crystal*

*flies towards the wall and hits it* *out cold*


Stay where you are human or I'll snap my fingers and she'll be incinerated faster than any megid spell could ever do! *looks at Orakio* So... you thought you could taint my bloodline with your inferior Orakian blood? Ha! My brother would laugh at that if he were alive today.

You are low, you know that!

Tough words from a weak Orakian. I'll give you credit that the Nei Sword did do a number on me, but after a year, I have finally accomplished what no living being in this universe has ever accomplished... and that is become a GOD!

*holds sword in his hand* Damn you.

If you look up above you, you'll see a moon.

But it's daylight!

I created that moon... and, in 60 minutes, that moon will come crashing down on this pitiful planet and destroy all who are on it.

*coughs* Ripoff, ripoff.

So, what will it be?

There must be a way to stop it.

Oh there are only two ways to stop it. Either you die, or I die. Once either of our souls vanish from this universe, the moon will simply disappear.

Is that what you want? Me to die?

Ha! If I wanted you to die so easily I could have killed you right now. But if I did that, I wouldn't be able to crush this world!

Well crush this! *throws two cards at him* Tatop serak, Stitite Eto! *the cards burst into flames and hit Rulakir square in the chest*

*laughs as the flames hit him, doing nothing* Potato cake? Post-it note? You really don't speak Orakian do you? *lifts his hand up*

*flies into the air, controlled by Rulakir*

*throws Zak out the window*



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(Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad)